Improve Your Balance with this Simple Exercise.


Improve Your Balance with this Simple Exercise.

Stability is the key to injury prevention, especially in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back. As we get older, falling becomes one of the biggest fears we have and one of the biggest causes of injuries. You don't gain balance and stability unless you actually work at it. You must do balance exercises daily if you want to make improvements and help prevent falls.

Balance exercises aren't just for when you get older, they are essential when you are younger too. When you do the balance exercises in our video you also improve your ankle and foot strength. One of the number one causes of knee injuries is the lack of foot and ankle strength and stability. All the little micro adjustments that your foot and ankle makes during the exercises in our video also helps the brain comprehend positioning for stability. With practice, you can thwart future injuries.

Since the foot is the first thing to hit the ground when you run or walk, your foot and ankle are your first line of defense in creating stability for your knee, hip, lower back, and all the way up. If your foot and ankle aren't stable, then the rest of your body will suffer. All in all, it's one series of exercises that can do a whole lot in preventing injuries and falls.

In this video Craig Zuckerman will show you a simple exercise that helps improve the strength of the hip muscles (hip flexors, hamstrings, buttocks and inner thigh) as well as the ankle and calf muscles. This exercise can be done daily to improve balance - helping prevent falls, spinal stenosis, disc herniations, sciatica and other painful injuries.

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