The Office Effect Handbook

Easy Solutions for Work-Related Pain and Poor Posture

Exclusive 60% Discount Available for a Limited Time Only!
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Discover a step-by-step method for finding and fixing the causes of your pain and poor posture without spending thousands of dollars on medications, Physical Therapy, or surgery.


Exclusive 60% Discount Available for a Limited Time Only

$24.97 $9.97

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you could get rid of that nagging, aching back pain and transform your posture in just a couple minutes a day?

Pain sucks! It makes you grumpy and tired. It keeps you from doing the things you love, or it keeps you from doing things you need, like sleep. We take a couple of pain pills to make it go away, but the relief is temporary. Before you know it, you're bending over and bam, the pain comes shooting back. In fact, even though most people's back pain resolves within the first six weeks of it occurring, up to 84% reinjure their back within a year! There’s a reason this happens to most of us

1. Pain pills and surgery doesn’t address what caused your injury in the first place.

2. Most Physical Therapy only looks at the small view of your injured area and doesn’t solve the instability in your body as a whole.

3. The fear of your injury is never removed because the true causes of your injury, physical and otherwise, are never found. *Hint: That napkin you picked up off the floor is not the real reason your back is killing you.

4. If you don’t fix your posture, you can’t fix your pain.

There are hundreds of pain-relieving methods out there, but there’s a problem with them. They only cover one part of what is truly needed to heal your body.


This is why I created The Office Effect Handbook.

About My Journey

After 20 plus years of helping thousands of clients get out of pain and get their life’s back, I wanted to bring my method of healing to a broader audience… because we all deserve to live pain free.

I’ve been injured myself. I know how much it sucks. I know how freaking scared I was of injuring myself again. It ended my original career as a professional dancer, but it put me on a new path and led me to create this product to help you take control of your body, and live pain free.

According to the National Institute of Health, experts say that poor posture is a major cause of back problems that strike more than 80% of all Americans at some point in their lives. 54% of people who experience back pain spend their day sitting at work! What’s worse is if your posture and pain aren’t properly addressed, then it can lead to horribly painful and disfiguring conditions that may require surgery, but even then, it may not fix the problem because 70% of back surgeries lead to another surgery down the road. This is why you need the Office Effect Handbook!

Packed with smart, helpful information

  • Full ergonomics guide to help you set up your desk or workspace.
  • Posture Guide
  • Most common areas of injury, including neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more are addressed.
  • Complete Upper Body Exercise Series
  • Complete Lower Body Exercise Series
  • Quick diagnostic chart
  • Numerous fixes for daily repetitive stress activities that you probably don’t even know are the causes of your pain.

Why The Office Effect Handbook Works!

  • It shows you the most common pain creating, posture recking activities we do daily – and exactly how to change them.
  • It contains both an Upper Body and Lower Body Exercise System that is research proven. Best part, you can do them with virtually no equipment and in under 10 minutes.
  • The specially designed exercises incorporate Counter Muscle Balancing - a system that balances and stabilizes the musculature around the joints, reducing pain and increasing strength and flexibility.
  • It’s full color descriptive pages and photos simplistically help you identify your pain, find the causes of your pain, and fix them for life.


“I had been dealing with sciatica for years and went to several physical therapists, but it kept coming back. The Office Effect helped me figure out what was causing my sciatica. Now that I changed that bad habit and do the exercises, my sciatica is gone!”
-Kathy Pushepny


Quick Reference Guide for the Lower Body Exercise Series Perfectly designed for your phone!


Money Back Guaranty

If within 30 days of purchasing The Office Effect Handbook you aren’t having improvements with your pain and posture, we’ll give 100% of your money back!

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