10 Minute Relief Program

Simple, Rejuvenating Exercises to Relieve Pain and Correct Posture.

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A complete system of easy-to-do exercises that strengthen and stabilize your core in just ten minutes!

Taken directly from the pages of Craig’s internationally selling book, The Office Effect Handbook, the 10 Minute Relief Program has both an Upper Body and Lower Body Exercise Series that is research-proven to change your body in just a few minutes a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stop paying trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists thousands of dollars! With just 10 minutes a day, you could relieve your lower back pain and sciatica while improving your posture.

It doesn’t take an hour-long, grueling workout, sweating through your shirt to gain the strength and stability needed to correct your posture and get rid of pain. For years I’ve been using this specialized series of exercises to heal thousands of clients in my studio in California. People are so used to struggling to relive their pain, relying on medications and chiropractors, that they can’t believe a few simple exercises can make a big difference, but they do. It’s because of the special Counter Muscle Balancing method I use in formatting the exercises. This is the key to strengthening and stabilizing the body. When your body is stable, it rewards you with pain-free flexibility. Isn’t it time you give your body that same relief?


3 Reasons Most Traditional Methods of Pain Relief Don’t Work.

1. You’re not shown the proper way to do the exercises.

Just because you've watched an instructor doing exercises doesn’t mean you know exactly how to do them. You're rarely shown what you should be paying attention to, and what not to do so that your body gets the most out of each exercise. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen clients do an exercise and they are feeling the work in the wrong muscles. If you do an exercise wrong it can make things worse. With over twenty years of experience training clients, I’ve been able to hone in on what needs to be said in order to get the most success from my clients, and I’ve put all that knowledge into this exercise series.

2. Stretching can actually make things worse!

A muscle isn’t tight and spasming because it’s strong, it tightens up and causes pain because it is too weak to handle its job of moving and stabilizing a joint. So, if you keep stretching it, you just keep preventing it from being able to do its job. However, when you strengthen all the other muscles that attach to that same joint, then they all work together to protect the joint and stabilize the body. Then, that one suffering muscle that’s been tight, relaxes, because all the muscles are strong and working together.

3. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage work are great, but you need more.

I love chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage work and think they are a great combination with exercises to relieve pain and improve posture, but they can’t work just by themselves. The muscles move the bones, so if you don’t strengthen the muscles properly you won’t stabilize your bone structure. This is why the 10 Minute Relief Program is so essential to your well-being.

Money Back Guaranty

If, within 30 days of purchasing 10 Minute Relief Program, you aren’t having improvements with your pain and posture, we’ll give 100% of your money back!

So what are you waiting for?

Start strengthening your core, improving your posture, and relaxing those tight muscles in JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY!

Want a more complete guide to your pain and posture?

The Office Effect Handbook

Containing all the information in both the 10 Minute Relief Program and Desk Relief, plus a bunch more goodies, for just a fraction more cost.

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