Private Session

Single Session: $200

55 minute, on-on-one private session, with Master Instructor, Craig Zuckerman. You’ll get a full body workout, specific to your needs and conditions. Whether you’re recovering from a back injury, want to improve your golf game, or just want to get lean and tone, Craig’s got you covered.

Semi-Private Session

Single Session: $100 per person

55 minute, shared session with Master Instructor, Craig Zuckerman. Share your session with a friend or family member, and get more bang for your buck, with a detailed workout that is just right for the both of you.

  • Please be advised, if one of the two people involved in a Semi-Private Session is not able to make the session, the remaining individual taking the class will be responsible for a Private Session fee of $200, instead of the Semi-Private, per person fee of $100.
  • Semi-private Sessions are not necessarily suitable for clients needing detailed physical rehabilitation for separate issues, nor for two clients with varying differences in their physical abilities.
  • Intro Package is good for a one time use only.

What To Expect

You’ll get a fun and challenging workout that incorporates your entire body. Don’t worry, this isn’t the type of workout that makes it impossible for you to move the next day. Instead, your body will feel secured and balanced, with a tightness to your form. Your progression will be through balance work as well as the integration and awareness of muscles throughout your body. With over three hundred exercises under his belt, and over seventy exercises he’s created himself, you’ll never do the same workout twice. Craig will constantly keep you on your toes with new and inventive exercises combining Pilates, weights, and all sorts of stability devices.

During your first session, Craig will do a full evaluation of your body. Using his vast knowledge of Biomechanics (the science behind body movement) and his uncanny knack for finding the slightest malalignment in the body, Craig will formulate a plan for getting you back in tip top shape.