Clean and private, you’ll never have to fight for a parking spot or be bothered by other instructors and clients.
Craig Zuckerman is a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor, in all levels and apparatuses.
Schedule a one hour private or semi private session today!
Pricing starting as low as $65 an hour.

Why Choose Z-Line Fitness

      • Over twelve years experience
      • Recommended by doctors
      • Specializing in pain relief
      • Clean, fully private studio
      • No hassle parking

What Client’s Are Saying

Working out with Craig for three years was great for my physical and emotional health. Craig’s executable body knowledge and eerily accurate intuition and on point analysis were all amazing traits, especially when combined to impressively great net effect. What a gift for all of us.
Carl Bressler, Co-Founder at Media Advisors International
Craig is one of those people that understands the body. He understands there are different shapes, sizes, conditions, injuries, etc. and can adjust his workouts to tailor each individual. Most therapy sticks to a basic formula. Craig will change on the fly to make the movement or exercise right for you. I have worked with Craig for over 5 years. Not only as a previous spine patient, but as a health care practitioner taking care of spine patients, I know quality when I see it.
Cheri Phillips, Physicians Assistant at The Spine Institute
The combination of all the things you did yesterday worked! I am 98% better today! In fact, I slept well last night, retrieved my big heavy buckwheat pillow, slept sideways with no problem and the pain is pretty much gone. So I wanted to let you know, the exercises, the working right on the spot, and the tape, all worked! Thank you! I appreciate my pain free day so much more now!!!
Martha Ho, Pacific BMW
I feel so good today! No back pain, no knee pain – just some lovely soreness in all the right places! Thank you so much!
Lisa Williams, The Doctors Show
I’ve been working with Craig for nearly twelve years. He’s helped me rehabilitate two hip replacements and gotten me back out on the tennis courts. Working with Craig has given me confidence, made me look fabulous, and kept me from feeling like I’m in my golden years. I can still wear my Herve´ Legar dresses! If only I could pack him away and take him with me every time I travel. Craig’s the best!
Peggy Mitteldorf, The Travel Store USA
One of my good friends is getting her license to be a trainer and I was telling her what a legend you were… You changed my life!! The least I can do is talk you up and spread the good word.
Navid Mashtag
Thank goodness I have not had one back spasm since I last saw you. You REALLY helped me once again!!! Thanks!!!
Reesa Niznick