Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device

Why I recommend this: If you’ve watched any sports lately then you’ve seen athletes on the sidelines using these things. They are wonderful for releasing muscle tension and spasms. I use one on every client in my studio.

  • The Theragun G3 is our older model that is louder than our brand new 4th Generation Theragun Elite.
  • 2 Essential Speeds: Customize treatment with our standard, deep treatment speed & a lighter speed for sensitive, sore areas
  • Superior Construction & Design: Featuring a premium, high-gloss finish & sleek profile, the G3 is constructed with high-quality components & is our quietest experience yet
  • No-Strain Ergonomic Multi-Grip: Easily treat hard-to-reach areas without strain on your hands, wrists, & arms with 3 ergonomic grips and unique ergonomic design
  • Includes: G3 percussive therapy device, 4 Pro Attachments, premium Travel Case, & Power Adapter

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