BackShield Back Support

Why I recommend this: Although this is designed for use in a car, I use it on my desk chair. This thing makes all the difference in the world, especially on a cheaper chair. Much better than a lumbar support, what makes this so amazing is the structure through your upper back creates the perfect curvature and support needed to prevent back and neck pain.


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  • INTRODUCING THE NEXT GENERATION IN BACK SUPPORT: BackShield is an innovative company dedicated to transforming the lives of those suffering from back pain
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE - EFFORTLESSLY: Unlike other back support products, Backshield is designed to support the spine’s natural curve. Prevents slouching to improve posture. Stand and walk taller, and enjoy increased energy and focus
  • SIT FOR HOURS, PAIN-FREE: Backshield’s patented ergonomic design gently lifts the backbone to alleviate pressure along your entire spine not just your lower back. Reduces stress and tension on your neck, shoulder and lumbar areas to prevent and relieve back pain
  • ENJOY DRIVING AGAIN: Whether you’re going on your daily commute or family road trip, hit the road without fear of pain or discomfort. The thin profile is ideal for all vehicles, RV's and trucks. It won’t push you too far forward unlike bulky foam lumbar cushions
  • LUXURIOUSLY COMFORTABLE: The triple-layer construction uses superior materials to envelop your back in complete comfort. Engineered to provide the perfect combination of flexibility and support and ventilated to help you keep cool

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