The Office Effect Handbook 2nd Addition Cover

The Office Effect Handbook
Second Edition
Digital PDF Download   18.9MB
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The second edition is packed with new exercises, an expanded ergonomics guide, and more adjustments to get you out of pain and correct your posture. more->

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Desk Relief cover

Desk Relief
Digital PDF Download   2.69MB
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Want to know the best way to setup your workstation so you can have better posture and relieve your pain? We have your answer in our guide for proper desk ergonomics. It looks great on your iPad or any computer! more->

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10 min. Relif Program cover

10 Minute Relief Program
Digital PDF Download   8.58MB
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Load this exceptional exercise guide into your iPad or onto any computer and you’ll get a full pain relieving, posture fixing guide that can get you feeling better in just ten minutes! more->

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TOE Papaerback Cover

The Office Effect Handbook

Our original paperback book, that makes it easy for you to take our healing tips wherever you go. Sold by Amazon, it makes a great gift! more->

Sample Guide COVER

Sample Guide
Digital PDF Download   3.21MB

Check out a taste of what you’ll find in our complete guide, The Office Effect Handbook – Second Edition, with these helpful samples. The best part, it’s FREE!

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Exercise Companion moc cover

Exercises Companion
Digital PDF Download

Designed to easily travel with you anywhere, this handy two paged guide is a compressed version of our full workout program for relieving pain and correcting posture. Just print it out and go. more->

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